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ITAY NOY – Full Month Collection 2018

The Full Month series features a new way of visualizing the date on your watch. Instead of a single window revealing the current date, every day of the month appears on the dial, in the form of digit-shaped slits arranged in a circle around the center of the watch. Every day the current date will be highlighted, to be replaced by the date of the next day at midnight, and so on until the circle comes round and the cycle begins a new.   The collection includes a  Hebrew numerals wa...
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OWC Milsub MS-6538 reviewed on aBlogtoWatch.com

One of my favorite enthusiast-founded and operated watch brands is Australia’s OWC. Originally known as “Orange Watch Company”, a name change doesn’t alter the fact that OWC is still the impressive product of founder Dan Fock’s vision. Up for review today is the OWC MilSub MS-6538 “James Bond Large Crown.” What exactly does that mean? It is part of OWC’s larger MilSub collection, with a dial and bezel design inspired by the Rolex watch best known for being worn by Sean Connery’...
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