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How to become a part of Independent Watches

If you are the owner of a small, independent watch brand, you may contact us to become part of However, if you make boring, cheap, look-alike Asian watches, please do both of us a favor and don’t bother to contact us. We love Kickstarter and a few (very few) of the watches which have been offered there. However, the majority of inexpensive, quartz watches offered on Kickstarter or similar websites by first time “watch brands” do not meet our criteria.

Our contact information is here.

If you qualify to be listed as a watch brand on, we will send you pricing information and contract terms.

Our Business Model

Primarily, we list products from the watch brands we represent. If a visitor decides to purchase a given watch, they click the  “BUY THIS WATCH FROM BRAND” button on a product page which will send them to the website of the watch brand where the actual purchase can occur. The  watch purchaser does not pay any fees for this referral service. Watch brands we work with pay Independent Watches to act as an advertiser for them.

The second component of our business model is that we will, from time to time, offer limited edition watches or other items produced by Independent Watches. For these items, a purchase transaction may be directly with Independent Watches LLC and accomplished entirely on


The watch industry is dominated by large watch groups (Swatch Group, Richemont, LVMH, Kering, Seiko, Citizen) and a few large independent brands such as Rolex. However, outside of these massive companies (with their equally massive marketing campaigns), there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small and independent watch brands.

Unlike the large brands which have established products lines to protect, small and independent watch brands are more often the innovators by offering fresh designs coupled with prices that don’t have to support outrageous advertising costs. The challenge for these smaller brands is exposure and validation by recognized watch experts. intends to address those issues to the mutual benefit of the watch brands and the watch buyer.


We curate the brands we partner with for the benefit of the watch buying public. Not all of the hundreds of small and independent watch brands worldwide make interesting watches. Nor are all of them are reputable businesses. We only list watch brands where we know the owners and their products. We know that for watch buyers, it’s hard to trust a brand you’ve just heard of and really know very little about. By partnering with Independent Watches, we can help you the small, independent watch brand bridge that gap.